7 Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps For A Perfect Feed

Ok I confess, I’m addicted to Instagram, but who isn’t? I am going to share with you 7 of my favorite photo editing applications for a bomb Instagram picture. I use these apps to edit my Instagram photos on a daily basis. I am one of those anal Instagrammers who loves a curated feed with highest photo quality. I even delete pictures, if it does not match my feed, but sometimes perfection is a myth 😀 So here are my top 7!


1. SNAPSEED – This is the holy-grail of editing apps. I use this application on all my photos. It is an extremely powerful photo editing app that is free for download in the app store. It has real-time sliders, which makes the app super easy to use for basic editing i.e exposure, brightness, contrast, ambiance etc. Snapseed biggest strength has to be its selective adjustment feature which lets you apply different edits to individual parts of the photo, enabling you to edit the photo to perfection. Especially if you want to whiten an area in a picture this application is for you!


2. FACE TUNE – Face tune is a mini photoshop app. It will make you look flawless with its smoothen tool. you can whiten your teeth, smoothen skin pores, reshape your body. I only use the smoothen and whiten feature though. Don’t get carried away with this app, you might lose yourself. This will give you the perfect selfie you see on all your favorite makeup gurus.

3. PHOTOGRID – Ever had a picture get cut-out by instagram and wouldn’t fit-in the whole picture? Well photogrid allows you to perfectly fit any oversized picture into instagram.

4. PIC PLAY POST – PicPlayPost allows you to fit your videos into instagram without looking disoriented or out of place. 



5. PREVIEWThis allows you see your instagram feed before your post it on instagram. You can rearrange your pictures for the perfect look! 

6. VSCOCAM – I don’t necessarily use this, but if you want a curated feed with the same filters. I would highly recommend VSCOCAM. It has tons of cool filters you see from your favorite bloggers. You can adjust how strong you want the filters to look. 

7. PRONTO – Pronto allows you to write fancy and minimal fonts on your photos. This is also a great app for watermarking your pictures and videos.




All this applications are FREE for you to download from the App store. I hope this will help up your instagram photo editing game! What are some of your favorite photo editing applications?

With Love Always,



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