An Interview With Lucy Dee of Subtle Whisper

Meet Lucy Dee a lover of poetry, design and meaningful gifts and Founder of Subtle Whisper as she agreed to chat with me.

1.What inspired Subtle Whisper?

I have always loved giving gifts to family and friends, but as time has gone on it became harder to think of new ideas. I wanted to buy things that were meaningful and everlasting. Combining my poetry with everyday items was the inspiration for creating simply beautiful pieces with an emotive sentiment.

2.What Advice would you give your younger self?

Perseverance, preparation and persistence. Keep going on your dreams and don’t give up!

‘Opportunity comes to a prepared individual’.

A knockdown, criticism, even what may look like a failure is only always a lesson on how to improve, do better and be the best!

3.How would you describe your brand?

Luxuriously indulgent, beautifully presented, everlasting time-pieces with an emotive sentiment.




4.Is there a story behind each gift?

There is a story behind each collection, as each has a different poem that it encompasses. For example, the ‘Just Love’ Collection is inspired by a poem called ‘Crystal’ that captures the essence of love and the depths of the feeling.




5.What are some of your customer’s favorite gifts?

The Luxury Velour Hooded Dressing Gown and Candle Collection are amongst the favourites – they are great gifts. The dressing gown is perfect for a big birthday or Mother’s/Father’s day present. The candles are a great gift for someone special or just an indulgent treat for yourself.




6.What is your favorite gift?

That is quite difficult, there are so many and with new product ranges coming – the list is growing. I love the Luxury Waffle Dressing Gown, it’s light and cosy, brilliant to quickly throw on in the morning or after a lovely Subtle Whisper candle lit evening soak in the bath.



 7. What are the 2 top questions asked by your customers about your products?

We often get asked what new products are to be expected and where our products can be found other than online. To answer, we are always developing new products, so please keep looking on the website to see what is new! Our products can mainly be found online, however, we are looking to broaden our stockists nationwide.

8. Any final messages to your customers?

The Best is Yet to Come!



Mother’s Day is right around the corner on May 8th and gifting my Mom one of these meaningful gifts from Subtle Whisper as been quite refreshing. I’m so glad Ms. Dee took the time to chat with me. Check out Subtle Whisper for more meaningful and poetry inspired gifts.

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