Hey Stylers!

I’m so grateful to my blog and YouTube Channel Supporters! You guys rock! As a way to say thank you, I am giving away Colourpop’s LAX Matte Lipstick. LAX is pretty deep red great for upcoming fall season. I know you guys love Colourpop, so I thought why not give one lucky subscriber a Matte beauty gift. If you would like to win this lipstick, here are the rules.


1. Tell me something, you have done this year to reach your goals? It be a fitness, beauty , style, educational, food goal whatever that is too you!  

2. Tell me something you would like to see on my blog and I will try my best to bring it to life! Nothing crazy lol

3. Subscribed to my Blog, YouTube, follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

4. Lucky winner will be announced on Instagram and Blog on October 15th, 2016.





With Love Always


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  • shanielle lawrence

    Hey girl I love your content. This year, I actually wrote down my goals in order to really visualize and execute. This year I made it my priority to transform my mindset. To develop my mindset, I read a book weekly, and of course sometimes I slip up. However, I always ensure that I get back on track in order to read at least 40 books before the year ends. Fitness wise I get up at 5am and workout for an hr and a half which gives me an early start to my day. I would like to see more blogging tips on your blog. Btw I dont have a twitter but I am up to date with you on all other social platform.

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    • Hey Shanielle! Thank you for entering, That Awesome, give yourself a pat on the back! I’ve also been working on reading more books this year! finding time to balance work and blogging!. I will also work on adding blogging tips on here 🙂 Good Luck

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    • Hey girl Whats your IG name?

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  • Boyu

    I need to definitely try Colourpop and love this giveaway babe!

    Boyu xx

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  • I always love seeing your style posts, and I really like when you highlight a smaller company and interview someone like you did for Dobblebees shoes. 🙂
    One of my goals was just to be posting more frequently and consistently, so I’m glad I’ve been able to stick with a decent schedule.

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    • Awesome! Thanks for sticking with me! I love working with small company’s. I’m also trying to even more consistent on days that aren’t going so well. You are doing great Liz 🙂

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  • That’s great! good luck with school. Thank you for your feedback . I will incorporate more skin and beauty post in the future. You can also check my past skin care posts under beauty section 😀

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  • Uswa

    Followed on all the platforms(except facebook cause i never got around to use it like ever) and also subscribed:
    One thing I achieved is that in my previous semester I was able to maintain my CGPA! I failed in one course and my CGPA dropped really low so the previous semester I was able to clear that course hence my cgpa is all steady now!

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    • Uswa

      and I would like to see something about products that help with skin discolorations. stay blessed!

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