Fashion’s having an embroidery moment right now! It has been featured on high fashion runways this season with designers such as Gucci, Valentino and so on. Adding Embroidery to your denim began a few years ago, but it’s just hitting bigger now. Most probably with the return of all things ’70s, which is always super fun. I had so much fun making this! it brought back all my sewing skills. It was kinda therapeutic too. If you’ll like to find out how to make your own embroidered denim, then keep scrolling. 



1. Create a text with preferable font. I used Brush Script MT font in size 96 and Print it out

2. Cut out the font with Scissors and smooth it around with an x-factor Knife and place it on your denim jacket

3. Trace around the font with a marker and begin sewing.

4. Continue sewing by following the lines of the letter, until you are done.


I can’t wait to see your designs! Let me know what you think about the embroidered trend? Yay or Nay?

With Love Always,



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