Hi Loves! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  There has been so much going on around the world lately with the weather, government, news and social media. It feels like we are drowning in so much news. It’s quite exhausting, blogging is a positive outlet to encourage and motivate each other to keep on keepin’ on. This post is going to be an encouraging one, regardless of what is going on around us, we choose Faith over Fear! When I feel like there so much noise, I like to take a step, relax and take a deep breath and then come back to it. Having faith in God does not mean you completely erase every fear from your heart and mind. It means you take the first step no matter if your knees are knocking, your heart is palpitating, and your hands are shaking like a leaf. So go ahead. It’s time to take the step that God has instructed you to take.  Every time I was afraid to make a decision but trusted God in spite of the fear I was feeling and did it anyway. I ended up with blessings and stronger in my relationship and faith in God.


I have been eyeing this exaggerated white blouse from Shein, it fits like a glove. The wrap around style works with all body types. I paired it with a green pant from Shein as well. It such a perfect date or event outfit on any occasion. As we are entering into new times, I hope you will find the courage and choose faith over fear. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of love and of a sound mind. I pray for anyone who is going through a difficult time right now for God’s to wrap his hands around you and comfort you on all sides.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or need some word of encouragement.


With Love Always,