Hey Loves! I hope you had an amazing weekend! I partnered with Le Tote. Le Tote is a personal styling online service. Le Tote curates outfits selected and chosen for you! Le Tote studies your style, fit, location and preferences to personalize a tote specifically for you. Then you decide if there’s anything you’d like to swap. All you do is answer a few questions regarding your style. I got a personal box delivered to me. It had a total of four outfits. I’m wearing one of tops and the others are displayed in the box. You can wear everything in your tote as much as you want. No purchase necessary, no styling fees, no strings attached. If you do decide to keep any of clothing, you will get pricing information and return anything you don’t want!. It’s amazing because I can have someone else help pick out clothes based on my personal style.

Le Tote offers access to 100’s of brands, less clutter, more fashion, 10x the clothes for 1/10 the cost. Le Tote does  all the laundry. Enjoy a smaller fashion footprint.When you’re ready for a new tote, send everything back and Le Tote will send you a new one immediately. Shipping and return shipping is on Le Tote. Love something and don’t want to give it up? Buy it for the low Le Tote member price.
Let me know what you think of Le Tote in the comments below! 
With Love Always,