Meet Stylish Entrepreneur of Dobblebees Shoes

This month’s stylish entrepreneur is Damilola Durodola a Systems Engineer and founder of Dobblebees Bespoke shoes from Lagos, Nigeria. Damilola has always had an eye for stylish footwear, after many years of not finding the kinds of shoes he wanted online, he proceeded to start his own footwear making business which offers stylish authentic bespoke shoes for men at affordable prices. I have known Damilola for many years and excited to see his footwear business grow to many heights.


1. Briefly, tell us your business. 

Dobblebees is a bespoke shoe service company where we provide top notch quality handmade products at a very customer friendly price. we have officially been operating for about a year now and we have recorded so many testimonials from our extraordinary clients about how much they love their shoes.


2. What made you decide to be an entrepreneur?

I’ve had a passion for buying and selling in my earlier days. I would go online to a lot of fashion stores check up nice designs, buy them and sell them to friends. It was something I found really interesting, at some point what I wanted became unavailable to purchase online. So I needed to look for a way out of the problem and this marked the beginning of my entrepreneurial quest. To meet the need of my fashion lovers.

3. What inspires your shoe style collections? 
Most of my shoe style are born out of excitement and adventures. I make a lot of my shoes based on how excited I feel. My shoes would come out when I pick a very nice piece of material at the market and inversely that would bring a lot of smile to the face of my client when they receive them.

4. What have been some challenges for you on your entrepreneurial journey?

There has been a lot of challenges as an entrepreneur especially that which has to do with the kind of start-up environment that we have. The problem of power, rents and even reliable hands are some of the many challenges we face on our journey as entrepreneurs. It has been a great hustle, but we have been thankful to God for raising us through the tides.


5.  How did you overcome such challenges? 

As every good entrepreneur, there is always a way out of every tough time. Basically what I’ve learnt is to take it a step at a time boot-strap method. We try to work around all our cost and make sure we get best of deals from every business partner, from the market woman to the sales stores and every other stake-holders that influence our business.

6. What and/or who inspired you to become a business owner?

I would not say there was anything in particular that made me venture into becoming a business owner. I believe it is a divine thing that it is happening. If they had told me that I would be a shoe-maker, I would probably have slapped such a person but now I’m proud to say the profession is what fighting for.

7. What advice (tips) do you have for anyone thinking of starting his or her own business?

For people who want to venture into business, I would say, the moment you can be happy without the glamour and glory of it then you are close to being ready for it. Business is not for the faint in mind it drains you mentally, physically even emotionally and you have to ensure you are in the right state of mind for your business to progress. Then for me there is a God factor, after all as been done one thing keeps me afloat and for me it is God.


8. In what ways has networking helped your business? 

For me, networking is one of the major engine rooms that keeps our business running. The type of people you network with at a large extent reflect how far your business would go. The more of the right people you connect with every day, the more grounds you are covering and more expansion and recognition for your brand.

9. What resources (local in your community and/or outside of your community) have you found to be helpful for you as a business owner?
The essential components of my business have been the loyal workmen I have. I am always thankful to God for such a wonderful team he has given me.

10. Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

In 5 years time, I want to see Dobblebees winning a large portion of the fashion market. A brand to be accustomed to internationally, shipping our best fashion shoes in and outside of Nigeria.

11. Where can people contact you for business inquires?

For business inquires you can contact us at +2348062943530

12. Where can we find you on social media?

Check Us Out On Instagram : @dammi_duroo & @dobblebees_bespoke 


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