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As we are approaching the holiday season, many of us spend times with our family and friends. There are also loved ones who don’t have the privilege to spend time with their families or have proper meals that we are fortunate to have everyday.

I am partnering with Stop Hunger Now and NC Blogger Network to spread the word about world hunger. Approximately 792.5 million people in the world do not get the food they need to live a healthy life. That is nearly one out of every nine people on earth. That figure is down 167 million over the past decade and is 216 million less than in 1990-1992. Source: 2016 FAO Stats.


Stop Hunger Now


If you weren’t aware, Stop Hunger Now is a North Carolina based charity that helps to end hunger globally. Stop Hunger Now, believes it is possible to end extreme poverty, hunger and injustice. They also believe we can create a world where no one goes hungry – By 2030. But they need you.

Through Stop Hunger Now’s meal distribution and sustainable development projects, they are helping whole communities rise out of poverty. You can help, too. Your support means life to thousands around the world who suffer from hunger.



Our gift will help build a firm foundation of support for children like Anderson in Zambia.  Anderson, who lost both of his parents, lives with his grandmother in the Chainda Compound Lusaka West, which is characterized by high levels of illiteracy and unemployment. He’s made great progress since he began receiving Stop Hunger Now meals distributed to the school by Mercy Ministries International.


Once a child, with very little energy who rarely interacted with his classmates, Anderson is now cheerful and attentive in his classes and enjoys interacting with other children at school. “From the time Anderson started receiving Stop Hunger Now meals, his health has tremendously improved and he has been frequently coming to school,” said Levinson Mwale, Anderson’s teacher. “I am proud of Anderson, knowing him for more than 4 years now, that he has a very big dream to achieve what he wants to. I am hoping that he continues to dream big and that he will be able to give back in the community.” Every gift, no matter the size, helps children like Anderson, children who have hopes and dreams for their future.



Join in by giving to Stop Hunger Now on #GivingTuesday, Nov. 29, 2016, and consider signing up for monthly contributions by clicking here Stop Hunger Now. You, too, can become one of our dedicated donors who celebrates Giving Tuesday every month.



We can stop global hunger with our love and kindness. Please join us today to give to Stop Hunger Now. Your contribution will change the lives of thousands of children and families around the world. #GIVINGTUESDAY

With Love Always, 



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  • bethannchiles

    Great post!!!! Thanks for all the great info!

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  • NC Blogger Network

    What a fantastic write up! Thanks so much for doing your part to STOP HUNGER NOW! Great way to encourage people to participate in #GivingTuesday. Much appreciated.

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  • Follow My Gut

    I love that you found something you care about and that you’re partnering to spread awareness towards such a great cause. Lovely job using your platform to help others!!!

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  • I read that quote at the beginning and I’m like “Amen!” May we build bigger tables and bridges. I read the story of a child who was mercilessly beaten because he stole Garri and it broke my heart. He must have been hungry. Hunger is the reality of lots of children across the globe. Thanks for an inspiring post.


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  • I love the quote at the beginning! Great write up, Ife 😀

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