I have been so intrigued by Chimamanda Adichie and the idea of feminism. It really sparked some thoughts regarding how society places limitations on women because of our gender. I had to buy  Chimamanda Adichie best selling novels “We Should and All Be Feminist” and “Dear Ijeawele or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen suggestions”.  These are great books for young girls and women. It inspires young women to go after their passions. Not just living according to cultural and societal doctrines. She talks about the myth that somehow women are biologically arranged to be in the kitchen cooking dinner and men can allow women to have careers and how Marriage is the end goal. I loved how she encourages us to instill in our daughters the courage to pursue careers in men only fields, play with helicopters (not just dolls) and work at things that interest us while been married. We should teach our daughters that marriage is not an achievement, reject likeability (a woman’s job is to be herself at all times) not to be liked and to teach her a sense of identity. Here are 14 suggestions on how to raise a feminist daughter today by Chimamanda Adichie…


  1. Teach her self-reliance
  2. Tell her it is important to be able to do for herself and fend for herself
  3. Teach her to love books
  4. Teach her to ask question
  5. “Because you are a girl” is never a reason for anything. Ever
  6. Feminism and femininity are not mutually exclusive
  7. Never speak of marriage as an achievement
  8. Love is the most important thing in life
  9. Romance will happen so be on board.
  10. Teach her about difference, Make difference ordinary.
  11. Teach her about privilege and inequality and the importance of giving dignity to everyone
  12. Measure her on a  scale of being the best version of herself
  13. Give her a sense of identity, it matters
  14. And lastly, May her life be whatever she wants it to be…

As we wrap up Mother’s Day, motherhood  is a glorious gift, we should not lose ourselves in societal norms or gender biases that hinders us from been the best version of ourselves. May we continue to be strong women of purpose.What are your thoughts?

With Love Always,