Emily Clunes: A Rising Star in the Music Scene

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Emily Clunes is quickly becoming one of the brightest stars in the music scene. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Clunes has been making waves with her unique brand of alternative rock that has earned her a loyal fan base.

Clunes has been playing music since she was a child, and her passion for music has only grown since then. She is a multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, bass, and keyboards, and her sound is a mix of dreamy, atmospheric rock and soulful pop. Clunes’s music has been described as “hauntingly beautiful,” and it has been praised for its emotional depth and infectious melodies.

Clunes’s career has been on the rise since her debut EP, “The Day We Met,” was released in 2017. Since then, she has performed at several festivals and venues across the US, and she has opened for renowned acts like Phantogram, The Black Keys, and Little Dragon. Her single “Runaway,” which was released in 2019, has been streamed over 1 million times and has been featured in several film and TV soundtracks.

Clunes is currently working on her debut full-length album, which is slated for a 2020 release. She has already released several singles from the upcoming album, including “Invisible” and “Take Me Home.” These songs have been praised for their soulful vocals and captivating lyrics, and it’s clear that Clunes is on the brink of becoming a major star.

Emily Clunes is a rising star in the music scene, and her talent is undeniable. With her unique sound, impressive range of instruments, and soulful vocals, she is sure to make a lasting impression on the music world. Keep an eye out for her upcoming album, as it is sure to be a hit.

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