Naomi Osaka Rocks the Tennis Court with Her Bold Thong Look

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Naomi Osaka is a revolutionary force in the world of tennis, and she’s not afraid to take risks. The 23-year-old Japanese-Haitian professional tennis player has recently been making waves, not only for her impressive performance on the court, but also for her bold fashion choices.

Osaka recently raised eyebrows at the 2021 French Open when she stepped out onto the court wearing a white thong beneath her tennis skirt. While thongs are not a rarity in the world of fashion, they’re not typically seen on the tennis court—especially not at a major tournament like the French Open.

The thong was part of an ensemble that included a white skirt, a white tank top, and a white and gold headband. Osaka completed the look with a pair of white tennis shoes, and the whole look was instantly iconic.

Osaka has become known for her signature style, which often includes bright colors and bold patterns. She isn’t afraid to make a statement with her wardrobe, and her thong look was no exception. She’s also been spotted wearing various styles of shorts, leggings, and crop tops.

Osaka’s bold fashion choices have been applauded by many, including fellow tennis players and fans alike. Her willingness to push boundaries and express her individuality through her wardrobe has been inspiring to many.

Osaka’s thong look is yet another example of her effortless cool and her ability to make a statement on and off the court. Whether she’s rocking a thong or a crop top, she’s always pushing the envelope and inspiring others to do the same.

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