Nicole King Solaka is Breaking Barriers as a Woman in Business

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When Nicole King Solaka set out to start her own business, she knew she was pushing boundaries. She also knew that there were obstacles to overcome — both internally and externally — as a woman entrepreneur. But she was ready to take the challenge head-on.

Today, Nicole is the CEO and founder of NKS Consulting, a business consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed. She’s also a sought-after speaker, an educator, and a mentor. As a woman in business, Nicole is breaking down barriers and creating a path for other female entrepreneurs to follow.

Nicole’s journey began in college where she was encouraged to pursue her dreams and explore her options. After graduating, she entered the corporate world with a degree in finance and banking. While working, she decided to pursue her MBA, which she completed in 2004.

From there, Nicole continued to push herself and grow professionally. She found success in the corporate world and held various leadership positions, including roles at JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Lehman Brothers. But she always wanted to do more.

In 2012, Nicole decided to take a leap and start her own business. She was determined to help other entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed, but she faced a unique set of challenges. As a woman in business, she faced resistance from potential clients, who weren’t sure if they wanted to work with a female consultant. She had to prove herself and show them that she was capable and knowledgeable.

But Nicole persevered and eventually her business took off. Today, her clients range from startups to Fortune 500 companies — a testament to her success as a woman in business.

In addition to her consulting work, Nicole is also a sought-after speaker and mentor. She’s shared her story and experience with audiences around the world, inspiring other women to take the leap and pursue their dreams.

Nicole believes that women have the power to support each other and create a more equitable world. Through her work, she’s showing other female entrepreneurs that they can succeed, break barriers, and create their own paths.

For Nicole King Solaka, success as a woman in business is just the beginning.

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