Tom Ellis’ Daughter is His Mini-Me

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Tom Ellis, the star of shows like Lucifer, Miranda and Harrow, has become a household name for his roles in TV and film. But it’s his daughter, Nora Ellis, who is quickly becoming a mini-me of her dad.

Nora, who is 8-years-old, has been featured on her dad’s Instagram a few times. From the looks of it, the two have an incredible bond, evident from the adorable photos of them together.

Tom and Nora often dress alike, both sporting matching shades of blue, and they even take yoga classes together. The actor has also shared photos of them having fun at the beach and going on bike rides.

Nora is also a talented dancer, and Tom has proudly showcased her moves on social media. In one post, he gushed about how proud he is of her and her skills.

Tom has been married to his wife Meaghan Oppenheimer since 2019, and the two have two more kids, Florence and Theodore. Tom also has a son, named Charles, from a previous relationship.

It’s clear that Tom Ellis is an amazing father to all four of his kids and Nora is lucky to have such a supportive dad. As she continues to grow, it’ll be interesting to see how much more the two look alike!

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